Tuesday, 29 January 2013

We're Blossom & Bill Competition

Isak are running a competition for Valentine's Day. Post an image of yourselves as Blossom & Bill on here or on our Facebook page and the winners (as decided by an international panel of judges) will receive some Isak goodies.

Here are the original winners. Victoria & Fritz who used the image on their wedding invites.

 But are you the real B&B? Post an image and let us decide!


  1. Hi! What a fun idea! We feel pretty silly asking about this but since we're writing an article about your FB difficulties, we thought we'd like to direct our readers to these 'offensive' photos. Um, where are they?
    They're not here and not on your FB page, as far as we can see. If WE can't find them, those folks who are complaining must have worked REALLY hard to be offended! ;-)

  2. Hi All Nudist! Sorry for the late reply, we don't get many comments that aren't spam!
    It was us who were offended by this tabloid rubbish that was published. We had it taken down as soon as we found out. We love all our Blossom & Bills and encourage everyone to get a bit naked at least once in a while! It just goes to show you how much "the media" spin everything. This so called news item went global before we knew about it. Utter rubbish.