Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Gross National Happiness

In Bhutan people are 97% happy. Well that's what the national survey deducted in 2005. Gross National Happiness is derived from four pillars; sustainable development, preservation of cultural values, conservation of nature and good governance. These pillars are the divided into 9 domains; Time use, Living Standards, Governance, Psychological well being, Community Vitality, Culture, Health, Education and Ecology.

What kind of foundations are these for a blossoming democracy? Shouldn't they be more concerned about political correctness, manufacturing output, inflation/deflation, the stock-market indices, unemployment and Big Brother?

In Bhutan 30% of the population enter life as a  Bhuddist monk, inheritance is directly to the females, 70% of the land is forested and 45% of the population are under 15.

This is the land created by 100,000 angels.

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