Thursday, 15 October 2009

Norwegian Ladies

Norway has always had a strong tradition of crafts and workmanship but has been overshadowed in design by its Scandinavian neighbours. In a bid to save these oldtime skills, the country has spawned a new generation of artisans who are producing some exquisite products in small batches. Here are a few of our favourite ladies.

Glassware is an old Norwegian industry that has faded away, but with these hypnotically beautiful pieces from Anne Haavind  taking inspiration from the Norwegian landscape, we think the industry may be on the rebound.
Kjersti Johannessen has a similar glacial touch to her striking glass pieces.

Ceramics is also coming on strong with blazing white porcelain absolute minimal products from Sara Skotte.
And quaint traditional Elfin designs from Wik & Walsoe.

Combining traditional wooden veneer production with skilled local craftsmen and delightful designs are Cathrine Kullberg's lighting lampshades. From small tablelamps to Grand Hall installations Cathrine's work has found its way into becoming a statement of new-traditional Norwegian design.

We look forward to bringing some more Norwegian designers onto the blog in the future. In the meantime with all these talented ladies, "Go North Youngman..."

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