Friday, 23 October 2009

Tee's Up!

The fashion icon adored by all at sometime. Baggy teenagers, smart fitted 30 somethings, anarchic punks, catwalk glamourpusses all indulge with a passion for their favourite t-shirt. So simple. So expressive. Sexy. Shabby. Torn. Worn.

There is now a book portraying the state of this ubiquitous accessory at the present. The Art of the T-Shirt by Maki is a 336 page wedge displaying 700 images from 82 current designers. Graphic, rude, obvious, anti-establishment, comic, fatuous, pretentious; are all still the fashion!

We do like a good t-shirt, easy, no-fuss and low maintenance. My Dead Kennedy's t-shirt didn't get washed once during my teens!
The actual t-shirt was abandoned to a girl from Malmo. If you see this, can I have it back please?

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