Friday, 18 September 2009

I Want to Ride my Bicycle!

There is no excuse no not to hit the road and reduce your carbon footprint while extending your life! Design is becoming part of everything and here are a selection of designer bicycles to demonstrate the point. The BIXI system is in place in Montreal with a planned 5000 bikes. You insert your card and take a bike. Designed for urban travel with solid tires, 3 gears, chain protector and a carry basket. The system will soon be rolled out in London and Boston. There should be one in every town!

However, if you need to do some serious head-down hammering around the track you need the new Trinity Advanced from GIANT bicycles. State of the art Compact Aero Road Design will have you squeezing the most out of every lap.

Craig Calfee has been making bamboo bicycle frames for 10yrs now. He makes these to measure and they are truly works of art. Bamboo is slightly heavier than the carbon fibre equivalent (each frame is 4-6lbs), but has better vibration damping, good stiffness and is crash tolerant. they also come with a 10yr guarantee.

For the big city commuter the IF-Mode is ideal. It looks smart, performs well and fits easily on the tube or taxi. No oily chains or complex tubes.

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