Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Going Somewhere?

London is a carnival of independent bookstores despite the best efforts of publishers to force filtered gumpf into our heads. Our favourite is Daunt on Marylebone High Street. It is a must visit before we set off on any of our travels. Books are arranged by country (except UK!?), so pick the place you are off to and pick a novel to fit your quest. Ask the staff, they will know.

Whether it's Fragrant Harbour for Hong Kong, On the Road for Midwest US, God of Small Things for India or Love in a Time of Cholera for the Caribbean; there will be a book that will throw you into the culture. Forget the travel guides, they are bland and prosciptive. Let your imagination start your journey.

btw other must browse boookstores in London are;

Stanfords, Long Acre for maps and charts.
Foyles, Charing Cross for its size. You may never leave!
John Sandoe Books, Chelsea for the staff.
Tales on Moon Lane, Herne Hill for children's books.

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