Saturday, 5 September 2009

A Day in Rome

We are lucky that our global meanderings take us to some exquisite places, but no matter where you go a little inside information can transform a visit into an experience. So we will drop our little hints and tips as we go.

Rome is one of the most magnificent cities to wander in. There is so much to explore. But if you find yourself there for a day, then visit our favorite sidestreet, Via dei Pianellari.

There is everything you need on this street for an afternoon experience. Firstly, go to the barbers for an Italian cut. Drink a coffee and spend an hour talking about Italian women, Italian men and Italian politics. It is an education, not a haircut.

Wander down the alleyway and sip tea with Veronique who will demonstrate the wonders she works with antique art.

Then you come to Secondome, which is a glorious home design store with lots of our favourite brands and some local Italian finds. You will spend an hour browsing and chatting and spending money.

A little further down you will notice that the street signs take on an altogether different appearance. More Alpine than Roman. They are the creations of Wood Sculpturer Ferdinando Condognotto. His wonderful store is hidden behind some potted bushes but you will hear the music playing from his radio. His work is magical, he is Guiseppi.

When you become a little fatigued it is time to rest and recuperate at Pietro Valentini's. The best restaurant in Rome. Give him a call and book as there are only 8 tables. Always agree to his wife's recommendations; Fried Courgette Blossoms and Aubergines, Hazelnut Pasta with Black truffles and Chocolate Ravioli. The service is beyond expectation, the food will be the best you have ever eaten, the price will not be noticed and you will be rewarded with multiple kisses from the chef.

Enjoy your visit, say hello from us!

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