Friday, 28 August 2009

Hollywood Road

If you are traveling around Asia, you will invariably end up with a stopover in Hong Kong. It is a busy and brash place to visit with many consumer distractions to keep you occupied. Hollywood Road is one of our favourite strolls on an afternoon. It is centrally located, slicing through all the action around Central downtown.

It is home to Hong Kong's commercial galleries. The Western end starts with Hollywood Park and is full of "traditional" chinese artifacts. Intricate jade and ivory carvings, stone lions and dragons and some jolly buddahs.

You can stop off for wine and cheese on the way or lean up the hill into Soho for something more substantial. The restaurants are busy and pricey. It is worth booking ahead at weekends. You can also just take a cold beer at Stauntons on the corner before exploring the more contemporary galleries.

These are full of modern works by chinese or local artists. A scene that is certainly growing in Hong Kong, with gallery trails and art weeks.
You will have worked up a sweat if you do the whole length of Hollywood road but it is worth it, although making it past all the bars may prove difficult. Come back in the morning and finish off!

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